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Teatree Therapy and Consulting: The Story Behind the Name

Discover the fascinating story behind the name Teatree Therapy and Consulting, which begins from my upbringing in Far North Queensland......

I grew up surrounded by native Australian plants like eucalyptus, baby bottle bush, and Teatree: these plants became an integral part of daily life and were used as bathing accessories, tea, and natural wound care.

Teatree, also known as "Kallara" to the Bundjalung people, possesses remarkable healing properties, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects. My personal belief system places great emphasis on respecting and appreciating the natural world and the many gifts it offers.

The name Teatree Therapy and Consulting beautifully encompasses the blend of cultural heritage, personal beliefs, and respect toward the extraordinary healing qualities of the Teatree found right here in Australia.


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