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Parenting and our Experiences

My experience working with children and families has been pivotal in shaping my understanding and approach to adult clients, especially with regard to their earliest experiences of relationships.

I often use the "4 parenting styles" quadrant to map out how my client's presenting concerns relate to their experiences with their caregiver/s:

1. Authoritarian parenting: Characterized by firm rules, punishment for disobedience, and little room for negotiation: Children raised with this style may develop obedience and discipline, but may also struggle with low self-esteem and anxiety.

2. Permissive parenting: High levels of freedom and minimal limits; children raised with this style may be creative and independent, but may also struggle with a lack of boundaries and difficulty with authority figures.

3. Authoritative parenting: Balancing rules and limits with flexibility and understanding: children raised in this style may develop self-confidence, good problem-solving skills, and strong emotional regulation capacities.

4. Neglectful parenting: Minimal involvement and low levels of communication: children raised in this style may struggle with emotional regulation, academic performance, and social skills.

Where does your experience fit on this quadrant?


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