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Brittany Wadforth

EMDR Accredited Consultant
EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA)

Theraplay® Practitioner, Superv
isor and Trainer (i/t) & Australian Advisory Board Member (TTI)

Dip Cn, B.Soc.Sc. (Psych), GDip Psych Sc, B. Psy.Sc (Hons)   
EMDRAA - TTI - PACFA (Clinical)

Consulting via Telehealth and Outreach within Victoria


Current Work:

  • Clinical Assessment and Treatment: Children, Teens and Adults

  • Supervision and Consultancy: Theraplay® and EMDR

  • Training: Theraplay®

  • Board Member: Advocacy for Theraplay® Australia 

Brittany is a therapist with a decade of experience working in a variety of community,

public health and private practice capacities in rural and metropolitan locations across Australia.

Her career has included individual (paediatric and adult), dyadic (parent and child),

and group-based clinical assessment and intervention across several mental health domains.

Areas of Practice:

  • General Mental Health concerns: Anxiety, Depression and PTSD   

  • Complex Mental Health concerns: Trauma, C-PTSD and Dissociative disorders/DID           

  • Paediatrics: Behavioural challenges, Parenting support and Parent-Child connection/attachment

  • Additional areas: LGBTQI+ and NDIS

Brittany is deeply passionate about working with people who have experienced adversity across
the lifespan
and wish to improve their quality of life.


She believes that our earliest experiences of relationships inform the challenges we experience later in life, and so, the client/therapist relationship is a vital component for clients when engaging in their healing journey.


Brittany embraces a body-based perspective, recognising how the past may impact our present-day challenges and the inconsistency between what we sometimes think, and feel.


In pursuit of her Master's in Clinical Psychology, Brittany is actively expanding her knowledge and expertise.

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